Our Team



Leigh is the Founder and Director of The Southwest Florida Paranormal Researchers. He is a former Tae Kwon Do Instructor, Deputy Sheriff and Special Police Officer. He is a Flamel College certified Paranormal Investigator, EVP/ITC Technician and is also a certified Parapsychologist through Flamel College.


Investigator/EVP Tech. & Research Specialist

John is an Investigator/EVP Tech and Research Specialist
for the team since 2008. He is also a former client of SWFLPR.
His background includes a degree in nursing, a degree in mortuary science and his minor in college was electronics and computer science. He is a certified a Paranormal Investigator/EVP/ITC Technician by Flamel College. His commitment to accuracy will make him a very successful investigator.


Investigator (in training)

Jessica comes to the team with three years of investigative background. She was a member of the Hogtown Ghost Trackers and has been on investigations with Florida Ghost Team and Southern Paranormal Researchers. She has an analytical mind and does not get easily flustered or excited. She considers herself to be a "most skeptic believer".
Jessica works as a Veterinary Tech on her "day job" and has always been interested in the metaphysical/spiritual path. She is in training for the position of Investigator and with her attention to detail, she will be a great asset to the team!


Team Sensitive/Lead Investigator

Debra is a Co Founder of SWFLPR. She is also the Team Sensitive/Lead Investigator and her late grandmother (an ordained minister and faith healer) once told Debra that she had a "gift" that was until now unclear to her. Debra also doubles as a Team Photographer. With a background in Real Estate, Banking, Tae Kwon Do and Retail Management and is currently employed as a Jewelry Dept. Coordinator for a large retail chain.


Investigator/Video-Tech Manager (in training)

Justin has a general AA degree and is pursuing a degree in Psychology. He is a former Police Officer and currently works for a large retail chain as a Loss Prevention Detective. He is also currently in the US Army Reserves as a Chemical, Biologocal, Radiological and Nuclear Specialist and has just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan in May of 2010. Justin also owns his own company specializing in security camera systems and low voltage projects. He has been interested in paranormal research for approximately ten years and has had several personal experiences with the paranormal. He is an investigator in training for the position of Video-Tech Manager


Investigator (in training)

Ryan is our most recent Investigator in training and comes to the team with a great enthusiasm for paranormal research. Ryan has particpated in two of our most recent investigations the Gilchrist Jail and The Blanchard Museum. He is a fast learner, very organized and with his background in management he is sure to be detail oriented. We are glad to welcome him to the team and look forward to some great success as a result of his efforts.