Our Equipment

We currently use the following equipment during our investigations.
8 stationary IR cameras, 5 Color Video Monitors, 1 Laser Grid, 1 Mini IR Digital Thermometer, 1 Anemometer, 1 Raytec MT4 IR Temperature Gauge, 2 IR Motion Detectors, 1 Laser Level, 1 Tri-Field 100XE EMF Meter, 1 Natural EM Tri-Field Meter, 1 MagTemp (EMF & Ambient Air Meter), 1 K2 Meter, 1 pair of Dowsing Rods, 6 Olympus 4100PC Digital Audio Recorders, 1 Flir B-Cam Thermal Imaging Camera, 1 Toshiba Laptop Computer with Bose Sound System,1 HP Desktop computer with Bose Sound System, 3 Digital Cameras, 2 ELF Meters, 1 IR IIluminator, 1 Compass and 2 Video Camcorders with Night Shot Plus. 4 IR Camera DVR System, Nightvision Covert Spotlight.