Pelican Alley Restaurant 12152008H

Investigation Start Time: 2230
End Time:1:45
Outside Temperature: 70 degrees
Inside Temperature: 75 degrees
Investigators Present: Leigh, Debra, John, Michelle and Julius.
Witnesses Present: Jeff (Owner) and several unamed witnesses.

Equipment used: 4 IR Cameras, 3 Digital Audio Recorders, 3 Color Monitors, 1 Raytec MT4 Laser Thermometer, 2 ELF Meters, 3 Digital Cameras, 1 Sony Camcorder with Super NightShot Plus, 2 Tri-Field 100XE Meters, 1 Natural EM Tri-Field Meter, 1 Mag Temp Meter(single axis EMF and simultaneous ambient air temperature meter with K type thermocouple), 4 Tripods, VHS Tapes, Mini DVD Discs, 1 Laptop Computer, 1 HP Printer, 2 Night Vision Headsets and several flashlights.

Location History

.The building that currently houses the Pelican Alley Restaurant was built in 1945 and there have been several renovations made from then to the present time. In 1961, a seawall was installed on the canal, then in 1963, asphalt paving was installed. In 1981 a boat dock was built and a chain link fence was put up.The last renovation was in 1983 when a utility building was constructed.
The Pelican Alley Restaurant is located at the base of a bridge on the Intra Coastal Waterway in Nokomis, Florida and has a relaxing atmosphere with a nice view of the waterway, friendly service and great food!

View of the Waterway.

History of Haunting:

The Pelican Alley Restaurant has a history of paranormal activity that has been mentioned in books on the subject as well as on the world wide web. Many websites have made mention of the reported sightings of the departed, cold spots experienced and the overwhelming feelings of a "presence" at this location.
Several "Psychics" have been to the restaurant, some without any prior knowledge of the restaurant's "haunted past" andhave approached the current owner Jeff and mentioned that there is a "presence" in the restaurant. It is also believed that a family was killed in a boating accident just outside the restaurant's location a long time ago. This has yet to be verified by this team.
During my interview with Jeff he recounted some of the events that he had reportedly experienced in the restaurant. one time he was walking in the back alleyway and saw a shadow of a person coming up behind him in the reflection of a doorway window and when he turned around there was nobody there.

Back Alley

View from the Kitchen.
Jeff also reported that many people have seen a face in the windows of the doors leading into and out of the Kitchen area on both sides of the restaurant.On one occasion he was having some work done on the floors after hours and a worker asked Jeff who the man was that he had just seen in the doorway. there was no one else in the building....
Some people have reported being "touched by an unseen force in the restaurant.
There have been several paranormal investigations conducted at the restaurant in the past, but up to this point the results of the investigations have been in -conclusive.
Any verifiable evidence has been somewhat elusive. Though the other teams have reported many personal experiences such as EMF spikes, tugging on clothes, being pushed, temperature changes and feelings of being watched. An investigations conclusions cannot be based on anything but verifiable evidence.
After interviewing Jeff, I believed that he was sincere in his statements about the events that were reported and decided that an investigation was warranted. It was later found that at the beginning of the interview with Jeff on 11/19/2008, right after I asked Jeff his name, we captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) directly aimed at Jeff stating "Hi Jeff"! the EVP wasn't discovered until a review of the evidence after the investigation. On 12/15/2008 this team arrived with an "optimistically skeptical" approach to the way the investigation would go forward.
We came in with the intent to find a natural cause for the reported activities at the restaurant and not to find "Ghosts". When approaching an investigation with this attitude, you eliminate all plausible reasons for the activity until you are left with nothing but the evidence.

The Investigation:

22215 The team has a brief meeting to discuss strategies and assign duties.
2230 Debra (team sensitive) is seated at the picnic tables in front of the restaurant and states that she experienced a "heavy feeling" at the walkway entry towards the restaurant.Deb then goes in to meet with Jeff and do a "walk-through" of the property. The walk-through is videotaped by Leigh and a digital recorder wa s also being used.
During the walk-through Debra "keyed in" on the third booth from the entryway to the Kitchen getting "goosebumps" and a "heavy feeling" as she looked at the waterway.
She then entered the Kitchen area and kept looking back at the fridge area before continuing on towards the back alleyway.
Deb reported "feeling" something in the center of the back corridor .
Also in the far back alleyway.The locations of these impressions would later prove to be where we picked up several anomalies on our equipment.
2245 After performing an equipment check and set up, baseline equipment readings were taken to prevent any "false positives" during the investigation
The overall EMF readings throughout the location were 0.00 and 0.02 with higher spikesof natural causes marked on the photo maps of each location. Overall temperature readings inside the restaurant were 75 degrees. The overall temperature readings in the back alley were 71 degrees.
2345 Deb and Julius walked through the outside area and around to the service entrance area in the back where she reported having "issues" in there.
2357 Leigh took several pictures of both doors inside and out of the entryways to the Kitchen in an attempt to "debunk" the reports of seeing faces in the doorways.
There were later found to be some "photos of interest. (see evidence).
1202 A moving "cold spot" was debunked as being caused by an AC vent.
1203 Deb in RM1 with Julius and requested communication and stated she was feeling very emotional.
1215 Leigh and Michelle are in the back alleyway where Michelle hears a noise and feels as though something is coming up behind her just as Leigh's camcorder battery goes dead. This was captured by 2 wireless IR cameras that were placed in the back alleyway. At the same time in RM1, Deb and Julius were asking for communication and an orb was later found to have been captured on the IR camera that was placed there to monitor the doorway to the Kitchen area.
The fast moving orb came up and turned directly towards Deb!
Deb and Julius were sent to the Back Alleyway where Michelle experienced something coming up behind her to see what they could find and when they got there they both experinced some strong odors in that area.
Deb then asked for some communication and heard a noise and asked for a repeated noise to confirm and recieved a tap sound. Due to all of the noise from the machinery in the back area this could not be considered for evidence and had to be discounted.

1258 Leigh and John are experiencing a moving EMF 4-2-1-. (see evidence)
This is the same area where Deb "keyed in" on"issues" earlier.

The Evidence:

There were several EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings captured on digital recorders. The first was as mentioned earlier, captured during the 11/19/2008 interview with Jeff in RM 1 during the day.
After Jeff stated his name, a voice said "Hi Jeff"! The next was at approximately 2348 on 12/15/2008 when Deb came into the front entryway and Jeff and Leigh were talking about some of the past reports of activity and Deb states " I don't want to hear none of this" then hums and states " Shutting recorder off"! but doesn't...then you hear a female voice say "Whispering" which is overlapped at the end by a male voice saying "Trick"!
Other voices that were captured in RM1 were "Help"!, "Hey"!, "Hi"! and "Please Go"!
There were more than 23 photos taken to try and "Debunk" the reports of faces in the doorways. there were a few photos of interest among them.

Look at the image directly above the flash.

The image in the left corner under the shadow.

The partial image in the center of the window

Photo taken on 12/15/2008of the bar area where "Hi Jeff"! was recorded during the interview on 11/19/2008.
Another phot taken on 12/15/2008 of the same area and at the same angle shows a dark shadow that we would normally discount as being a fluke, however while researching previous investigation photos from other teams, we found that they to had captured a similar shadow at the same location and angle as this one.
1:00 Leigh, John and Jeff are in the middle of the back alleyway trying to locate the moving EMF that started in the far back alley area near the recieving door where Deb earlier said she had "issues".
Suddenly John finds a 5, then Leigh's Tri-Field Meter spikes burying the needle and the temperature drops to 59.9 degrees from 71.0 degrees.
John's meter went to 1, Leigh's Meter went from 1 to 5 and Leigh instructed everyone with a digital camera to start taking pictures..
Deb requests some communication and Leigh's Tri- Field Meter registers a 20 at 1:01 and the temperature beagan to raise up to 69.5 in the same area
1:04 The temperature is now 71.0 degrees and Deb asks for the temperature to be lowered again and it goes to 70.8, 70.5, 70.6, 70.1, 69.8, 69.5 then starts to raise again as the EMF readings go from 9-5-4 then back to baseline readings and does not return.
the area where we had the high EMF and temperature changes. We did immediately check to see if the wiring and electrical lighting in the area were the cause of the spikes but they were not.
We then went to RM 1 to set up the ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) session.

This session showed some interesting anomalies that are open to the perceptions of the viewer, but not conclusive evidence.
At the end of the investigation, Leigh conducted a "Dowsing Session in RM 1 and the rods navigated directly towards the 3rd booth from the entryway to the kitchen. This is the same area where the orb was captured on digital camera and on IR camera.
1:45 Investigation ends.


Though there was some evidence that had to be discounted, the experiences that we had in the short three and a half hours that we were there along with the evidence that we obtained, gives strong indication that the Pelican Alley Restaurant does indeed have paranormal activity. The photos presented are not presented as proof of paranormal activity, but merely as evidence for review. The rest of the evidence stands on it's own merit. and this team believes that there very well may be some guests that linger long past the restaurant's closing time. We would very much like to come back to further investigate and validate or disprove this opinion.

Sincerely, Leigh, Deb, John, Julius and Michelle
Southwest Florida Paranormal Researchers